About Us

Who I am…

Hello ,I am Saranya S Dev. Mother of this blog “Mom With You”. And also a blessed mom of a wonderful naughty child .He is my charm and inspiration of my life to live. So I share my experience with you as this blog.


Mom With You Means…

Every child’s desire is that their mother should always be with him. I mean that,

Just like a mother’s love, my blog” Mom With You” is with you.

This is the biggest moment in the life of a woman,When she became a Mother.

This may be the proud moment of her life. A women turns to a mother,when she starts caring a fetus in her abdomen.What she does in that amazing moment, even with the most difficult decisions. Working a minute, or something is wrong, it’s based on a little life that begins to grow in her stomachs.

From that wonderful moment,whatever she does,even a simple work or something hard is all that depends on her little one, that begins to grow up in her abdomen.She finds a solution for her physical and emotional problems during these pregnancy time.Even though she will get a healthy support from her parents, and most importantly, from her loving and caring Husband, And also she will needs to see a better doctor for better and quality treatment and care. Finally, after nine months and near of waiting, she gives birth to one of the most beautiful one in her life… her baby …

The relationship between mother and baby is one of the most powerful in the world.It Starting from the day he / she was born.Only one mother can do their utmost to maintain such a perfection and care.She will do so with precision and consciousness of his / her every thing.It is love for that baby. In my words, I say that we must love our children by fulfilling all their needs and desires.Every child has a difference.Their  nature and preferences are different.We have to care our babies depends on their character.

If anyone has 2 babies,They will differ in all sense until 90%. So, we must understand our children completely ,their physical and mental abilities, positive traits and many things.It needs to be resolved perfectly. And it lot of involves in it.This is so important because it affects all the way from the beginning to the end of journey of that child.  

I too have a baby boy ,who is 2 year old now.When I observe him and give him more attention and emphasis.It reminded me of sharing my experience with you.I would like to share this blog with you and All my writings based only on my experiences.

I hope this will help many parents, especially Indian mothers, because I am also came from same background.

Hope it will be informative and all of you will enjoy.Looking for your healthy suggestions and comments.